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     The first born son in the exceedingly large brood of children belonging to Gaspar St. Martin and Raquel Champion, Remy was born into a bit of a war zone. His parents, both highly successful and brilliant in their own right, were never able to see eye to eye when it came to supporting one another's careers. The result was a broken system of hurt feelings, passive aggressiveness, and miscommunications which have remained interminable to this day. Every child that resulted from the marriage was loved and wanted, but also viewed as someone who would grow up to be a colleague and friend, someone to offer support and advice rather than someone to raise and guide. The format was no different for Remy who showed early signs of having been born with his mother's temperament. A lighthearted and easygoing child, Remy had a penchant for getting into bouts of mischief and reaching for crayons and emotional performances. He had the patience for stage work and an indisputable talent for music. By age four he was hammering away on the piano and by age 5 he was mimicking pieces that were played for him. The natural progression was something both parents could agree upon, Remy was kept in accelerated music classes and enrolled in private schools which offered state of the art facilities for budding musicians.

     As was the trend with his other siblings, one parent took more interest in him than the other. His father saw him as a lost cause given how clear it was that Remy was born to be on a stage in front of a live audience. It didn't help any that Remy also had an ear for languages (a talent closely related to his gift with music). Books and learning were things that made great sense to Remy. A classroom setting with the freedom to explore interests and take plenty of time for music gave him all he needed to thrive and achieve. It wasn't always apparent that Remy would compose popular music, for most of his young life he was playing in orchestral settings. By the time he reached middle school he was a proficient pianist, violinist, and cellist. It was his teen years that informed him of a greater passion for music which spanned past classical pieces and spurred him into a world of rock and roll.

     Introduced to various styles of music from oldies to hip hop, Remy began to compose original pieces that borrowed from the different genres. It was rare to spot him without headphones around his neck and ink stains on his hands. Recitals and shows punctuated all of his free time and even though he showed no interest in modeling, business, or design his father did his utmost to remind Remy that even music had its place in fashion. Entering into high school Remy had a variety of obligations and engagements which included a cellist first chair in the youth symphony, a lead vocals and guitar spot in a band, and a cellist role in a quartet. Summers were spent in workshops and study programs, and the school year was packed with the highest level classes and leadership positions in clubs. He was a perfectly well rounded and elitist upper East Sider with a highly involved and powerful mother hovering behind him making sure he got his way. It was also during his high school years that his mother brought him even closer and their relationship began to spiral. His first time drinking in excess was with his mother, a tradition which has continued as he has gotten older. He was encouraged even more to take sides in his parents' fights and being exposed to his mother's grievances forced him towards an allegiance to his mother, driving him further from his father. Raquel was Remy's greatest fan, and while it was undeniable that she was doing everything in her power to make sure her son succeeded, she also did everything in her power to keep him dependent upon her and worried about her.

     Remy entered college with a host of musical proficiencies and ability to pick up nearly any instrument that interested him. The running joke was name an instrument and give him two weeks and he would be ready to perform. Columbia was his school of choice, his mother's alma mater. He was offered ample opportunities to perform and grow as a student and to get the Ivy League education he craved to add to his accomplishments. The acting bug appeared to have skipped him completely as he spent all his years in college experimenting with different music genres, participating in various choirs, acapella groups, and orchestras. He traveled often and began to play local shows with bandmates he had known since high school. Their level of fame within the city was high and rising by the time they were juniors and at the end of the year they had a record deal to show for it (no doubt Raquel had some hand in securing it).

     Once he graduated, Remy's life was set. There was never any question about what he would be doing when he was done with college. He would be making music and whether that was in a symphony or another venue was a hard call to make, but it ended with Remy and his band having a tour to follow and after their much buzzed about album had a release date. Considering the kind of music that his band was making, they fared very well, getting a gig on Saturday Night Live, and showing up on major soundtracks within the year. He had always felt he was shown the respect he was due given his talent, but now he felt free to exercise that talent as he saw fit, making his own way, pushing his own music, and apologizing for less and less about wandering from technique. Influences from Africa to Asia showed up in his songs, and his lyrics were so satiated with literary and historical references his mother couldn't help but feel she had truly raised Remy to be hers.

     Throughout his college and adult life, his mother has continued to insert herself and keep Remy both resentful of his father and concerned about his mother. Even though acting never became central to Remy's life, it's evident in his music videos, viral promotion, and stage presence that there's a dramatic spark there he could always have fostered. He is spoiled and snotty, but he is also joyful and generous when it comes to music. Performing and connecting with friends is a great rush to him. Immersion in the New York art scene is a priority for Remy, and the environment he thrives in. While his siblings have varying degrees of fame and have gone different routes in relation to the mainstream, there is an obvious prejudice in Remy against "selling out" (whatever that means). He refuses to dumb down lyrics or mainstream his sound for the sake of success or relatability. He has also been lucky that enough people enjoy his music that he doesn't have to compromise with anyone but his own band when it comes to what is produced.

legal name
remy gaspar st. martin
birth date
april 14th; 29
marital status
brooklyn, ny


nickname(s) Champ

birth placeParis, France

religion Judaism

politics Democrat

education Columbia B.A. (Religion & Music)

sexual orientation Heterosexual

parents Gaspar St. Martin (father, ceo of fashion empire), Raquel Champion (mother, award winning playwright).

siblings Adele (twin sister), Maximilien (brother), Aline (sister), (sister), (brother), (sister), (sister), (sister), (brother), (sister)

pets Labradoodle named Bardot


01   the first born son of gaspard st. martin, the ceo of a fashion empire akin to louis vuitton/christian dior. the entire family is valued at an estimated 29 billion us dollars.

02   the st. martin family is originally from france. remy's grandparents are holocaust survivors, and his paternal grandfather was adopted by a catholic family during the war. he kept his last name st. martin out of respect for the family that saved him. and that is how a very jewish family ended up having a very catholic last name.

03   a deep lover of literature and religion, remy double majored while attending columbia university. he took particular joy in his religion studies which have influenced his music ever since. despite his interest in religion he maintains somewhat secular.

04   remy is fluent in english and in french. french is actually his first language. while he can read hebrew and mutter a few catchphrases, he cannot speak it, and he doesn't have the ear to learn it.

05   there are 11 children in the st. martin family. two sets of twins. four boys. seven girls. full siblings that share the same parents. remy is close with some and bitterly distant from others. he has favorites, as does everyone in the family.

06   champion is remy's mother's maiden name. he uses her name for all his professional work, both to distance himself from his father and to spite his father. it also doesn't hurt that champion is a great last name for a musician.

07   attended a private school for musically talented children from the time he was in the first grade. some of his siblings were sent to boarding school. he considers himself lucky that he got to stay in new york.

08   plays cello, violin, guitar, piano, and vibraphone in addition to being a singer. remy has perfect pitch and has been able to pick up new instruments in very little time. he can play music by ear as well.

09   as the heir to an enormous fortune, remy has never had to struggle. he has many eccentricities and no idea how to function in real society. he only travels by private jet or car. he's never been on public transportation. he's never done his own laundry.

10   remy is a horrible snob about everything from food to fashion--especially fashion. having been raised in the fashion industry he's always impeccably dressed.


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